If you have questions about changing your name on an American Airlines ticket, American Airlines will provide you with the American Airlines Name Change Policy. If you usually write the wrong name on your AA flight ticket, call American Airlines customer service at 800-433-7300 to correct your name on your flight ticket; this AA name change policy will help you.

You might need a name change or correction on your American Airlines flight ticket for many reasons. You might have accidentally added your middle name to the reservation, but your photo identity proofs don’t reflect it. There could be a misspelling of the name or a typing error. You may have accidentally replaced your first name with the name people call you at home. Then you can’t rule out the possibility of you getting married months after booking your flight ticket. In short, there can be many such situations, and the solution remains the same – a name change or correction on your ticket. 

However, a name change or a correction is not as easy as it sounds. There are many rules and regulations, and Pay the Name Change Fee: American flights typically charge a fee for name changes. The cost can vary depending on the type of ticket. Even fees that you have to consider. To help passengers like you manage a name change or correction without any hassle, airlines define policies and guidelines that are easy to understand. In this blog, we’ll discuss the American Airlines Name Correction Policy, the name change rules and processes, and fees so that you know what to expect and what to do if you make a name mistake on an American Airlines ticket. So, take a look.

American Airlines Name Change Policy Marriage

Per the American Airlines Name Change Policy Guidelines, you can typically change your last name after marriage if it has changed in your government-issued documents. And if your ticket is on an American Eagle or American Prime flight, you won’t have to pay any name change fee. Only you have to provide supporting legal documents such as a copy of your marriage certificate and copies of your old and new government ID proofs.

How Do You Change the Name On an American Airlines Flight Ticket?

Before attempting to change a name on your American Airlines ticket, it’s important to understand American Airlines’ policy regarding name changes. Generally, American Airlines allows name changes for a fee, but the exact policy can vary based on the type of ticket purchased.

You can change your name on an American Airlines flight by logging into your account, accessing your reservation, and selecting the option to change or modify your name.

To change your name on the American Airlines flight ticket, you must submit a name change request online or offline. Also, you may be required to submit supporting documents if it’s a legal American Airlines name change. Additionally, you might have to pay a name change fee if your itinerary includes codeshare flight segments.

Types of name changes – corrections

The American Airlines Name Correction Policy divides all name changes and corrections into two groups, Minor & Major, based on itineraries. These Minor and Major name corrections include the following types of name changes and corrections.

• Modification of Last Name: Passengers can modify their last names if there are typing errors, spelling mistakes, and missing letters. Ex: Thomad t Thomas, Rodrigez to Rodriguez 

• Removal of Prefix and Suffix: The policy allows passengers to add or remove prefixes and suffixes from their last names. Ex: Doe Jr. to only Doe

• Modification of First Name: According to the policy rules, passengers can change their nicknames into full names and vice versa. Also, the policy permits passengers to change their first names if required.

• Updating Second or Additional Last Names: Passengers with two or more last names can add or remove one or more of them to match their government ID proofs. Ex: Roberts to Smith Roberts

• Addition/Removal of Middle Name: Passengers can add or remove their middle names if the same is mentioned on their photo identifications. 

 Inverted Names: The policy allows corrections of name inversions such as Roberts Samantha to Samantha Roberts

• Legal Name Changes: Passengers are allowed to completely change their last names if their names change legally after marriage, divorce, or adoption, and the same is reflected on their new government-issued ID proofs. 

What are American Airlines Charges for name correction on AA flight tickets?

American Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for Minor name changes or corrections on an American Airlines ticket. However, for Major name corrections, there is a name correction fee of €40/$50 that applies.

What is the process to change the passenger name on an American Airlines ticket?

To change the name on an American Airlines ticket, contact their customer service through the helpline number 800-433-7300 Or +1-(866) 286-6566 and online channels. Before starting the process, review the terms and conditions associated with your ticket, as some tickets may have restrictions or be non-transferable. Clearly explain the reason for the name change, whether it’s due to marriage, divorce, or a legal name alteration, and be prepared to provide relevant documentation supporting your request.

Online and offline processes exist to change passenger names on an American Airlines ticket. Both methods are described in detail below. 

Online Name Correction Process

Here’s how to correct your name online on an American Airlines ticket. 

• Land on the home page of www.aa.com

• Click on “Manage Trips/Check-In.”

• Enter your last name and booking confirmation code and click on “Find Your Trip” to retrieve your trip details

• Once your trip details are retrieved, check out your passenger name and look for the Edit button

• Click on Edit and make the required corrections or changes in your name

•  Pay the fees if applicable

• Wait to receive the reissued ticket via mail

Offline Name Correction Process

American Airlines provides several options for offline name changes or corrections. Among them, contacting American Airlines via phone calls is the best process as far as effectiveness is concerned. If you are in the US or Canada, you can contact American Airlines Reservations on their toll-free helpline number, +1-800-433-7300, and request a name change or correction. You may be required to provide supporting documents if it’s a legal name change. American Airlines may also charge a service fee for assistance with a telephone name change.

Best ways to correct First and Last name or DOB on American Ticket

Per the American Airlines Correction Policy, you can’t change your name on the ticket and DOB together. You can make changes to them separately. The best way to correct your first and last name or DOB is to do it online through the official website or the mobile app. There are other online methods, such as virtual chats and live chats. These chat services are available 24/7 and can be accessed from the home page of the official website. 


The American Airlines Name Correction Policy has many distinctive features that separate it from similar policies of other airlines. First, it divides all name changes and corrections into Minor and significant groups and distinguishes them based on flight itineraries. Second, it introduces the concept of infant name correction and lays down clear guidelines about its implementation method. Then, the policy mentions the types of name changes and corrections it allows and, interestingly, considers both legal name changes and corrections of spelling mistakes and typing errors as name corrections. But the best part is that American Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for Minor name corrections, even if it involves a complex legal name change. So, looking at all the policy aspects, it is safe to conclude that American Airlines has one of the best name correction policies in the US despite its uniqueness and complex guidelines. 


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